Sales & Inventory Management System (SIMS)
SIMS is a perfect tool in the hands of the enterprener to fine tune inventory levels.
Maintining the right inventory level, its like tight rope walking. You cant afford to lean on any either side. It has a direct berin on the profitability of the enterprise.
Key Features
  • Network Based Software
  • Runs Standalone or Network Mode
  • Manages Multiple Counter
  • Provision for Multiple Prices
  • Cheques & Coupon Collection
  • Sales Management
  • Provision of Multiple Payments
  • Tax Declaration
  • Automatic Tax Calculation
  • Configurable Tax Settings
  • Auto / Manual Inventory
  • Purchase Management
  • Customer Account Management
  • Bank Account Management
  • Cheques Management
  • Coupons
  • E-Invoice Facility
  • Auto Reording of Inventory

Product Management

Maintain your inventory organized with multiple prices, Stock details, Category, Reordering details, Taxation details.

Multiple Payment Support

Generate your day to day sale bill, maintain customer records, option to pay later for the sales, discount coupon integration, Barcode device supported, maintain couter wise transaction.

Purchase management

Generate purchase bill, auto stock update on order received, multiple payment entry option, vendor wise purchase order.

Employee Management

Barcode Device Supported

SIMS is compatible with all type of barcode devices. You can use barcode for your product, it will easily add items to sale order at just single press of barcode device.

Auto Recordering of Stock below limit

SIMS is intelligent enough that it will generate a purchase order of items below its cut off quantity at a single click.


SIMS is fully loaded with all necessary reports which are necessary for all type of business. It has reports for sales, purchase, taxation, stock.

Return Sales

It may happen sometime that customer return the purchased items. Using SIMS you can generate revised sale bill and your stock will be adjusted as per returned items.

Bank Account Management

You can virtually manage transaction of your bank account. You can set the default bank account where all payment from sales will be credited to that account. You can generate bank transaction report also.

Discount Coupons

Multiple Counters

You can use the single software at multiple counter using SIMS network mode compatibility. SIMS will manage the daily counter balance, you can view the opening and closing balance of the counter.

Customized Tax Settings

You can create tax head by your own. Tax can be set on individual product or total bill.

Cheques Clearing management

You can manage cheques clearing using SIMS, once the cheque is credited to your account you can give credit detail for particular cheque. In this way you can view pending payment for pending cheques for clearing.