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Work– assign and communicate work from anywhere, anytime Management – of your work, your team & their work, your own work System – to assign, measure, monitor work and workforce and their movement
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Do you experience difficulty to assign works and communicate that to the team?
experience difficulties to assign work, which may crop up at odd hours? experience difficulties to monitor progress of the work? feel it cumbersome to monitor and keep track of progress of the work? find it difficult to get timely reports from dispersed team members? find it difficult to monitor timely movement of team members on Google Map ?
If yes
Work Management System is the solution for you…
Key Features
task allocation

Task Allocation

Our System Provides Fast, Easy & Flexible way to allocate the task to you team employees. Two ways to allocate task : Daily are tasks which is to be assigned and completed on daily basis,Recurrent are tasks where same task is to be executed at multiple interval.

Files & Notes Bindings with Task

Along with task multiple files can be attached which can viewed from anywhere. Document can be of document, images, audio etc. During task execution you can write a notes along with files, which can be used for future reference or can be emailed to respective person.
time tracking

Time Tracking

Our software will calculate the actual time taken in executing or completing the allocated task. You can start time counter from web, mobile, desktop with just single click.

Event Planner

Create an Event, Send Invitation, Create Event Time Table, Set Venue Location. An interactive event planner will help you to organize all your events.
time tracking

Real Time Tracking

Sometimes you might fill that your marketing team member is not doing proper work. Now you can actually monitor its exact location on Map. Our software tracks from Android supported phone based application. Along with that if your team mates has to seat inside office area and just have to work on PC, than our software will capture and monitors PCs activity and will report to Reporting Person.

Voice Recording/ Camera Snap / Gallery

From your mobile device you can record a voice or take a picture from mobile camera using WMS application and attach it with task, e.g. you want to record a meeting conversation so that you higher authority can listen/ view actual conversation or location.
time tracking


List of items which is to be executed and high priority should be always infront of your eyes to remind you that you have to complete this work. You can maintain and share checklist items with your team members.

Instant Messaging

Send an instant message to your team mates. You can chat so smoothly that you will not like to open any other messenger to chat with you office group.

Task Reminder/Notification

Our background mass mailing application will never fail to remind your task via email. You will get an email at start of your work, before 15 minutes of next work to be execute. It also reports in the same way to your reporting authority. Daily/Weekly/Monthly task execution report will be sent to your reporting person.


We have cover almost everything to actually see the work progress of your team. Performance Report, Task Execution Report, Team Working Report, Project/Client wise Task Execution etc.
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