Payroll And HRMS

Payroll & HRMS System
We do provide online payroll system for large and small scale industries. MarkTeQ Payroll system is highly intelligent and requires fewer efforts to maintain the employee salary records.
MarkTeQ Payroll provides multi level accessibility for the organization. Employees, Managers, HR can access the system with their respective rights. This system take care of Taxation rules and maintain the tax deduction by own.
MarkTeQ Payroll is the best payroll software in the market that manages all the parameter that require in the perfect system e.g Professional Tax, LWF, ESIC, Arrears, Advance, Bonus, TDS, IT Declaration, PF etc.
MarkTeQ Payroll provides the customization of the software as per industry requirement. We do develop customized reports as per industry requirement.
Key Features


Our payroll software is compatible with all kind of biometric device, we will configure your existing biometric device to run with the software. System automatically calculates the overtime, early out, late coming, public holiday, leave parameters.

Allowance / Deduction

We have developed this feature as much configurable as possible. You can as many allowances or deduction as many you want. Fully configurable, set on which allowance is calculated, in rupees or percentage, allocation period and to whom to allocate.

Payroll Settings

One of the most important module of the system. Configure the system as per industry rules and regulation. These rules will be considered during the salary calculation. You can manage the rules by employee category and the effective date of it.

Employee Master

When a new employee join your industry you just have to fill up one form containing all required details to calculate the salary of that employee. You can set the opening balance of leave, PF also.

Leave Management & Allocation

You can create as many leave types as many you want. You can set a rules for each leave e.g. minimum leave employee can take, maximum leave employee can take, Leave allocation period, Maximum Leave can be carried forward.

Leave Encashment

Employee can apply for leave encashment against their leave balance. Our payroll system will automatically calculate and take care of the rules of the company for the encashment.

Salary Increment

You can give increment to employee salary. MarkTeQ Payroll will manage the arrears and the respective taxation according to effective date of increment. This software will take care of all the allowance, deduction, and taxation as a part of arrears.

PF – ESIC – LWF – PT Deduction

This software will automatically deduct the PF, ESIC, LWF, and PT and maintain their account respectively. The deduction will base on the rules provided by the Payroll configuration. You can set the rules of this deduction as per employee category.


Most tough job for any accountant of industry is to maintain tax account of each employee. Our system will just keep you free from maintaining tax account of the employee. Income tax will be deducted from the employee salary as per respective salary slab of the employee after all deduction and income.


You can pre-set the bonus of the employee into system. The bonus will be automatically reflected into salary at provided month and year.

Extra Salary

You can give an extra salary to adjust the salary or other purpose.

Loan Management

In case employee has taken a loan from third party bank, than you can manage the employee loan account into system and can deduct the installment from employee salary.